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Hangman's has a new owner and a new home! 

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Back in the 1880's, rumor has it that a man--no, a monster--was on a murderous rampage in Texas. The Hangman, as he was called, was a torturous scoundrel. When the sun fell down, he stalked unwitting victims and hanged them until dead! He tormented and watched them GASSPP for mercy as his rope choked the life from their throats. The bodies were found with only the rope-burned necks to lead the hunt for this cold-blooded MONSTER!!

They say it was in 1882 on a brisk October night, after the red-necked bodies of three school-aged children were found, an angry lynch mob of citizens cornered the Hangman in a barn on the banks of the Trinity River.

They strung him up with the same bloodstained rope with which he had stolen the lives of one-hundred and seven innocent people. They watched for an hour as he gasped and wheezed through the blackened bag jerked over his face; then they left him in the damp night air, swinging from the rafters. Morning came and the gravedigger swung open the creaking barn door to find only a broken rope swaying in the breeze. THE HANGMAN WAS GONE!!!!

They say he can’t die, not until the souls of the one-hundred and seven victims are gone. It's said, every year he must take a soul from his rope and when they’re used up, he’ll die; unless.......he murders more.

Old folks say they’ve seen him around, the black bag still masking his face and a noose dangling ‘round his neck. Lately, reports of people hearing the echoes of spurs pacing the wooden planks at the old Hayloft restaurant have old-timers locking their doors. This October, you see, marks the ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTH anniversary of the hanging of the HANGMAN. He’ll be around, stalking souls to save his. So when you’re walking the shores of the Trinity River this fall, or just out after dark, be FOREWARNED ...........lurking in the shadows, the Hangman is out there, and you could be NECK-XT!!!

(The old barn on the banks of the Trinity was turned into the Hayloft Restaurant, and is still standing today, just north of I-30 on Forest Park Blvd.  It was the first home of Hangman's House of Horrors.  In 1993, the attraction moved into its current, much larger facility located directly across the street.)

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